multiterminal – Manage additional terminal sources

The multiterminal module allows you to configure an additional serial terminal source. Incoming characters are accepted from both the internal serial connection and the optional secondary connection.

multiterminal.get_secondary_terminal() Optional[BinaryIO]

Returns the current secondary terminal.

multiterminal.set_secondary_terminal(stream: BinaryIO) None

Read additional input from the given stream and write out back to it. This doesn’t replace the core stream (usually UART or native USB) but is mixed in instead.


stream (stream) – secondary stream

multiterminal.clear_secondary_terminal() None

Clears the secondary terminal.

multiterminal.schedule_secondary_terminal_read(socket: schedule_secondary_terminal_read.socket) None

In cases where the underlying OS is doing task scheduling, this notifies the OS when more data is available on the socket to read. This is useful as a callback for lwip sockets.