– Trigger an alarm when a pin changes state.

class microcontroller.Pin, value: bool, edge: bool = False, pull: bool = False)

Create an alarm triggered by a microcontroller.Pin level. The alarm is not active until it is passed to an alarm-enabling function, such as alarm.light_sleep_until_alarms() or alarm.exit_and_deep_sleep_until_alarms().

  • pin (microcontroller.Pin) – The pin to monitor. On some ports, the choice of pin may be limited due to hardware restrictions, particularly for deep-sleep alarms.

  • value (bool) – When active, trigger when the pin value is high (True) or low (False). On some ports, multiple PinAlarm objects may need to have coordinated values for deep-sleep alarms.

  • edge (bool) – If True, trigger only when there is a transition to the specified value of value. If True, if the alarm becomes active when the pin value already matches value, the alarm is not triggered: the pin must transition from not value to value to trigger the alarm. On some ports, edge-triggering may not be available, particularly for deep-sleep alarms.

  • pull (bool) – Enable a pull-up or pull-down which pulls the pin to the level opposite that of value. For instance, if value is set to True, setting pull to True will enable a pull-down, to hold the pin low normally until an outside signal pulls it high.

pin: microcontroller.Pin

The trigger pin.

value: bool

The value on which to trigger.