CircuitPython BLE library for Google’s open “physical web” Eddystone.

Documented by Google here:

class adafruit_ble_eddystone.EddystoneAdvertisement(*, minimum_size=None, entry=None)

Top level Eddystone advertisement that manages frame type. For library use only.

class adafruit_ble_eddystone.EddystoneFrameBytes(*, length=None, offset=0)

Extracts and manipulates a byte range from an EddystoneAdvertisement. For library use only.

If length is None, then the byte range must be at the end of the frame.

class adafruit_ble_eddystone.EddystoneFrameStruct(fmt, *, offset=0)

Packs and unpacks a single value from a byte range. For library use only.