adafruit_ds1307 - DS1307 Real Time Clock module

CircuitPython library to support DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC).

This library supports the use of the DS1307-based RTC in CircuitPython.

Beware that most CircuitPython compatible hardware are 3.3v logic level! Make sure that the input pin is 5v tolerant.

  • Author(s): Philip R. Moyer and Radomir Dopieralski for Adafruit Industries

Implementation Notes


Software and Dependencies:


  1. Milliseconds are not supported by this RTC.
  2. Alarms and timers are not supported by this RTC.
  3. Datasheet:
class adafruit_ds1307.DS1307(i2c_bus)[source]

Interface to the DS1307 RTC.


Gets the current date and time or sets the current date and time then starts the clock.


Current date and time.


True if the oscillator is disabled.