adafruit_epd.epd - Adafruit EPD - ePaper display driver

CircuitPython driver for Adafruit ePaper display breakouts * Author(s): Dean Miller

class adafruit_epd.epd.Adafruit_EPD(width, height, rst_pin, dc_pin, busy_pin, srcs_pin, cs_pin, spi)

Base class for EPD displays


Begin display and reset if desired.

command(cmd, data=None, end=True)

Send command byte to display.


Send data to display.

draw_pixel(x, y, color)

This should be overridden in the subclass


fill the screen with the passed color

fill_rect(x, y, width, height, color)

fill a rectangle with the passed color

hline(x, y, width, color)

draw a horizontal line

pixel(x, y, color=None)

draw a pixel

rect(x, y, width, height, color)

draw a rectangle

vline(x, y, height, color)

draw a vertical line