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# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2017 Scott Shawcroft for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT


* Author(s): Scott Shawcroft, Dan Halbert

[docs] class Keycode: """USB HID Keycode constants. This list is modeled after the names for USB keycodes defined in This list does not include every single code, but does include all the keys on a regular PC or Mac keyboard. Remember that keycodes are the names for key *positions* on a US keyboard, and may not correspond to the character that you mean to send if you want to emulate non-US keyboard. For instance, on a French keyboard (AZERTY instead of QWERTY), the keycode for 'q' is used to indicate an 'a'. Likewise, 'y' represents 'z' on a German keyboard. This is historical: the idea was that the keycaps could be changed without changing the keycodes sent, so that different firmware was not needed for different variations of a keyboard. """ # pylint: disable-msg=invalid-name A = 0x04 """``a`` and ``A``""" B = 0x05 """``b`` and ``B``""" C = 0x06 """``c`` and ``C``""" D = 0x07 """``d`` and ``D``""" E = 0x08 """``e`` and ``E``""" F = 0x09 """``f`` and ``F``""" G = 0x0A """``g`` and ``G``""" H = 0x0B """``h`` and ``H``""" I = 0x0C """``i`` and ``I``""" J = 0x0D """``j`` and ``J``""" K = 0x0E """``k`` and ``K``""" L = 0x0F """``l`` and ``L``""" M = 0x10 """``m`` and ``M``""" N = 0x11 """``n`` and ``N``""" O = 0x12 """``o`` and ``O``""" P = 0x13 """``p`` and ``P``""" Q = 0x14 """``q`` and ``Q``""" R = 0x15 """``r`` and ``R``""" S = 0x16 """``s`` and ``S``""" T = 0x17 """``t`` and ``T``""" U = 0x18 """``u`` and ``U``""" V = 0x19 """``v`` and ``V``""" W = 0x1A """``w`` and ``W``""" X = 0x1B """``x`` and ``X``""" Y = 0x1C """``y`` and ``Y``""" Z = 0x1D """``z`` and ``Z``""" ONE = 0x1E """``1`` and ``!``""" TWO = 0x1F """``2`` and ``@``""" THREE = 0x20 """``3`` and ``#``""" FOUR = 0x21 """``4`` and ``$``""" FIVE = 0x22 """``5`` and ``%``""" SIX = 0x23 """``6`` and ``^``""" SEVEN = 0x24 """``7`` and ``&``""" EIGHT = 0x25 """``8`` and ``*``""" NINE = 0x26 """``9`` and ``(``""" ZERO = 0x27 """``0`` and ``)``""" ENTER = 0x28 """Enter (Return)""" RETURN = ENTER """Alias for ``ENTER``""" ESCAPE = 0x29 """Escape""" BACKSPACE = 0x2A """Delete backward (Backspace)""" TAB = 0x2B """Tab and Backtab""" SPACEBAR = 0x2C """Spacebar""" SPACE = SPACEBAR """Alias for SPACEBAR""" MINUS = 0x2D """``-` and ``_``""" EQUALS = 0x2E """``=` and ``+``""" LEFT_BRACKET = 0x2F """``[`` and ``{``""" RIGHT_BRACKET = 0x30 """``]`` and ``}``""" BACKSLASH = 0x31 r"""``\`` and ``|``""" POUND = 0x32 """``#`` and ``~`` (Non-US keyboard)""" SEMICOLON = 0x33 """``;`` and ``:``""" QUOTE = 0x34 """``'`` and ``"``""" GRAVE_ACCENT = 0x35 r""":literal:`\`` and ``~``""" COMMA = 0x36 """``,`` and ``<``""" PERIOD = 0x37 """``.`` and ``>``""" FORWARD_SLASH = 0x38 """``/`` and ``?``""" CAPS_LOCK = 0x39 """Caps Lock""" F1 = 0x3A """Function key F1""" F2 = 0x3B """Function key F2""" F3 = 0x3C """Function key F3""" F4 = 0x3D """Function key F4""" F5 = 0x3E """Function key F5""" F6 = 0x3F """Function key F6""" F7 = 0x40 """Function key F7""" F8 = 0x41 """Function key F8""" F9 = 0x42 """Function key F9""" F10 = 0x43 """Function key F10""" F11 = 0x44 """Function key F11""" F12 = 0x45 """Function key F12""" PRINT_SCREEN = 0x46 """Print Screen (SysRq)""" SCROLL_LOCK = 0x47 """Scroll Lock""" PAUSE = 0x48 """Pause (Break)""" INSERT = 0x49 """Insert""" HOME = 0x4A """Home (often moves to beginning of line)""" PAGE_UP = 0x4B """Go back one page""" DELETE = 0x4C """Delete forward""" END = 0x4D """End (often moves to end of line)""" PAGE_DOWN = 0x4E """Go forward one page""" RIGHT_ARROW = 0x4F """Move the cursor right""" LEFT_ARROW = 0x50 """Move the cursor left""" DOWN_ARROW = 0x51 """Move the cursor down""" UP_ARROW = 0x52 """Move the cursor up""" KEYPAD_NUMLOCK = 0x53 """Num Lock (Clear on Mac)""" KEYPAD_FORWARD_SLASH = 0x54 """Keypad ``/``""" KEYPAD_ASTERISK = 0x55 """Keypad ``*``""" KEYPAD_MINUS = 0x56 """Keyapd ``-``""" KEYPAD_PLUS = 0x57 """Keypad ``+``""" KEYPAD_ENTER = 0x58 """Keypad Enter""" KEYPAD_ONE = 0x59 """Keypad ``1`` and End""" KEYPAD_TWO = 0x5A """Keypad ``2`` and Down Arrow""" KEYPAD_THREE = 0x5B """Keypad ``3`` and PgDn""" KEYPAD_FOUR = 0x5C """Keypad ``4`` and Left Arrow""" KEYPAD_FIVE = 0x5D """Keypad ``5``""" KEYPAD_SIX = 0x5E """Keypad ``6`` and Right Arrow""" KEYPAD_SEVEN = 0x5F """Keypad ``7`` and Home""" KEYPAD_EIGHT = 0x60 """Keypad ``8`` and Up Arrow""" KEYPAD_NINE = 0x61 """Keypad ``9`` and PgUp""" KEYPAD_ZERO = 0x62 """Keypad ``0`` and Ins""" KEYPAD_PERIOD = 0x63 """Keypad ``.`` and Del""" KEYPAD_BACKSLASH = 0x64 """Keypad ``\\`` and ``|`` (Non-US)""" APPLICATION = 0x65 """Application: also known as the Menu key (Windows)""" POWER = 0x66 """Power (Mac)""" KEYPAD_EQUALS = 0x67 """Keypad ``=`` (Mac)""" F13 = 0x68 """Function key F13 (Mac)""" F14 = 0x69 """Function key F14 (Mac)""" F15 = 0x6A """Function key F15 (Mac)""" F16 = 0x6B """Function key F16 (Mac)""" F17 = 0x6C """Function key F17 (Mac)""" F18 = 0x6D """Function key F18 (Mac)""" F19 = 0x6E """Function key F19 (Mac)""" F20 = 0x6F """Function key F20""" F21 = 0x70 """Function key F21""" F22 = 0x71 """Function key F22""" F23 = 0x72 """Function key F23""" F24 = 0x73 """Function key F24""" LEFT_CONTROL = 0xE0 """Control modifier left of the spacebar""" CONTROL = LEFT_CONTROL """Alias for LEFT_CONTROL""" LEFT_SHIFT = 0xE1 """Shift modifier left of the spacebar""" SHIFT = LEFT_SHIFT """Alias for LEFT_SHIFT""" LEFT_ALT = 0xE2 """Alt modifier left of the spacebar""" ALT = LEFT_ALT """Alias for LEFT_ALT; Alt is also known as Option (Mac)""" OPTION = ALT """Labeled as Option on some Mac keyboards""" LEFT_GUI = 0xE3 """GUI modifier left of the spacebar""" GUI = LEFT_GUI """Alias for LEFT_GUI; GUI is also known as the Windows key, Command (Mac), or Meta""" WINDOWS = GUI """Labeled with a Windows logo on Windows keyboards""" COMMAND = GUI """Labeled as Command on Mac keyboards, with a clover glyph""" RIGHT_CONTROL = 0xE4 """Control modifier right of the spacebar""" RIGHT_SHIFT = 0xE5 """Shift modifier right of the spacebar""" RIGHT_ALT = 0xE6 """Alt modifier right of the spacebar""" RIGHT_GUI = 0xE7 """GUI modifier right of the spacebar""" # pylint: enable-msg=invalid-name
[docs] @classmethod def modifier_bit(cls, keycode: int) -> int: """Return the modifer bit to be set in an HID keycode report if this is a modifier key; otherwise return 0.""" return ( 1 << (keycode - 0xE0) if cls.LEFT_CONTROL <= keycode <= cls.RIGHT_GUI else 0 )