CircuitPython module for the MMA8451 3 axis accelerometer. See examples/ for a demo of the usage.

  • Author(s): Tony DiCola
class adafruit_mma8451.MMA8451(i2c, *, address=29)

MMA8451 accelerometer. Create an instance by specifying: - i2c: The I2C bus connected to the sensor.

Optionally specify: - address: The I2C address of the sensor if not the default of 0x1D.


Get the acceleration measured by the sensor. Will return a 3-tuple of X, Y, Z axis acceleration values in m/s^2.


Get and set the data rate of the sensor. Must be a value of: - DATARATE_800HZ: 800Hz (the default) - DATARATE_400HZ: 400Hz - DATARATE_200HZ: 200Hz - DATARATE_100HZ: 100Hz - DATARATE_50HZ: 50Hz - DATARATE_12_5HZ: 12.5Hz - DATARATE_6_25HZ: 6.25Hz - DATARATE_1_56HZ: 1.56Hz


Get the orientation of the MMA8451. Will return a value of: - PL_PUF: Portrait, up, front - PL_PUB: Portrait, up, back - PL_PDF: Portrait, down, front - PL_PDB: Portrait, down, back - PL_LRF: Landscape, right, front - PL_LRB: Landscape, right, back - PL_LLF: Landscape, left, front - PL_LLB: Landscape, left, back


Get and set the range of the sensor. Must be a value of: - RANGE_8G: +/- 8g - RANGE_4G: +/- 4g (the default) - RANGE_2G: +/- 2g