CircuitPython library for Nintendo Nunchuk controller

  • Author(s): Carter Nelson

Implementation Notes


Software and Dependencies:

class adafruit_nunchuk.Nunchuk(i2c: I2C, address: int = 82, i2c_read_delay: float = 0.002)

Class which provides interface to Nintendo Nunchuk controller.

  • i2c (~I2C) – The busio.I2C object to use.

  • address (int) – (Optional) The I2C address of the device. Default is 0x52.

  • i2c_read_delay (float) – (Optional) The time in seconds to pause between the I2C write and read. This needs to be at least 200us. A conservative default of 2000us is used since some hosts may not be able to achieve such timing.

property acceleration: Acceleration

The current accelerometer reading.

property buttons: Buttons

The current pressed state of buttons C and Z.

property joystick: Joystick

The current joystick position.

property values: Values

The current state of all values.