Source code for adafruit_featherwing.gps_featherwing

# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2019 Melissa LeBlanc-Williams for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT


Helper for using the `Ultimate GPS FeatherWing <>`_.

* Author(s): Melissa LeBlanc-Williams

__version__ = "0.0.0+auto.0"
__repo__ = ""

import board
import busio
import adafruit_gps

    from typing import Optional
except ImportError:

[docs] class GPSFeatherWing: """Class representing an `Ultimate GPS FeatherWing <>`_. Automatically uses the feather's UART bus.""" def __init__(self, update_period: int = 1000, baudrate: int = 9600): """ :param int update_period: (Optional) The amount of time in milliseconds between updates (default=1000) :param int baudrate: (Optional) The Serial Connection speed to the GPS (default=9600) """ if not isinstance(update_period, int): raise ValueError("Update Frequency should be an integer in milliseconds") if update_period < 250: raise ValueError("Update Frequency be at least 250 milliseconds") timeout = update_period // 1000 + 2 timeout = max(timeout, 3) self._uart = busio.UART(board.TX, board.RX, baudrate=baudrate, timeout=timeout) self._gps = adafruit_gps.GPS(self._uart, debug=False) # Turn on the basic GGA and RMC info self._gps.send_command( bytes("PMTK314,0,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0", "utf-8") ) self._gps.send_command(bytes("PMTK220,{}".format(update_period), "utf-8"))
[docs] def update(self) -> bool: """ Make sure to call ``gps.update()`` every loop iteration and at least twice as fast as data comes from the GPS unit (usually every second). :return: Whether it has parsed new data :rtype: bool """ return self._gps.update()
[docs] def read(self, size: int) -> Optional[bytearray]: """ Read the UART for any information that may be on it :param int size: The size in bytes of the data to retrieve :return: Any data that is on the UART :rtype: bytearray """ if isinstance(size, int) and size > 0: return return None
[docs] def send_command(self, command: bytearray): """ Send a bytearray command to the GPS module :param bytearray command: The command to send """ if isinstance(command, bytearray): self._gps.send_command(command)
@property def latitude(self): """ Return the Current Latitude from the GPS """ return self._gps.latitude @property def longitude(self): """ Return the Current Longitude from the GPS """ return self._gps.longitude @property def fix_quality(self): """ Return the Fix Quality from the GPS """ return self._gps.fix_quality @property def has_fix(self): """ Return whether the GPS has a Fix on some satellites """ return self._gps.has_fix @property def timestamp(self): """ Return the Fix Timestamp as a struct_time """ return self._gps.timestamp_utc @property def satellites(self): """ Return the Number of Satellites we have a fix on """ return self._gps.satellites @property def altitude(self): """ Return the Altitude in meters """ return self._gps.altitude_m @property def speed_knots(self): """ Return the GPS calculated speed in knots """ return self._gps.speed_knots @property def speed_mph(self): """ Return the GPS calculated speed in Miles per Hour """ return self._gps.speed_knots * 6076 / 5280 @property def speed_kph(self): """ Return the GPS calculated speed in Kilometers per Hour """ return self._gps.speed_knots * 1.852 @property def track_angle(self): """ Return the Tracking angle in degrees """ return self._gps.track_angle_deg @property def horizontal_dilution(self): """ Return the Horizontal Dilution """ return self._gps.horizontal_dilution @property def height_geoid(self): """ Return the Height GeoID in meters """ return self._gps.height_geoid