Driver for the MLX90640 thermal camera

  • Author(s): ladyada

Implementation Notes

Software and Dependencies:

class adafruit_mlx90640.MLX90640(i2c_bus, address=51)

Interface to the MLX90640 temperature sensor.


Request both ‘halves’ of a frame from the sensor, merge them and calculate the temperature in C for each of 32x24 pixels. Placed into the 768-element array passed in!

property refresh_rate

How fast the MLX90640 will spit out data. Start at lowest speed in RefreshRate and then slowly increase I2C clock rate and rate until you max out. The sensor does not like it if the I2C host cannot ‘keep up’!

property serial_number

3-item tuple of hex values that are unique to each MLX90640

class adafruit_mlx90640.RefreshRate

Enum-like class for MLX90640’s refresh rate