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Helper library for the Adafruit FunHouse board


This driver depends on:

Please ensure all dependencies are available on the CircuitPython filesystem. This is easily achieved by downloading the Adafruit library and driver bundle or individual libraries can be installed using circup.

Adafruit FunHouse Home Automation board

Purchase one from the Adafruit shop

Usage Example

import board
from digitalio import DigitalInOut, Direction, Pull
import adafruit_dps310
import adafruit_ahtx0
from adafruit_funhouse import FunHouse

funhouse = FunHouse(

i2c = board.I2C()
dps310 = adafruit_dps310.DPS310(i2c)
aht20 = adafruit_ahtx0.AHTx0(i2c)

funhouse.peripherals.set_dotstars(0x800000, 0x808000, 0x008000, 0x000080, 0x800080)

# sensor setup
sensors = []
for p in (board.A0, board.A1, board.A2):
    sensor = DigitalInOut(p)
    sensor.direction = Direction.INPUT
    sensor.pull = Pull.DOWN

def set_label_color(conditional, index, on_color):
    if conditional:
        funhouse.set_text_color(on_color, index)
        funhouse.set_text_color(0x606060, index)

# Create the labels
funhouse.display.root_group = None
slider_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="Slider:", text_position=(50, 30), text_color=0x606060
capright_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="Touch", text_position=(85, 10), text_color=0x606060
pir_label = funhouse.add_text(text="PIR", text_position=(60, 10), text_color=0x606060)
capleft_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="Touch", text_position=(25, 10), text_color=0x606060
onoff_label = funhouse.add_text(text="OFF", text_position=(10, 25), text_color=0x606060)
up_label = funhouse.add_text(text="UP", text_position=(10, 10), text_color=0x606060)
sel_label = funhouse.add_text(text="SEL", text_position=(10, 60), text_color=0x606060)
down_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="DOWN", text_position=(10, 100), text_color=0x606060
jst1_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="SENSOR 1", text_position=(40, 80), text_color=0x606060
jst2_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="SENSOR 2", text_position=(40, 95), text_color=0x606060
jst3_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="SENSOR 3", text_position=(40, 110), text_color=0x606060
temp_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="Temp:", text_position=(50, 45), text_color=0xFF00FF
pres_label = funhouse.add_text(
    text="Pres:", text_position=(50, 60), text_color=0xFF00FF
funhouse.display.root_group = funhouse.splash

while True:
    funhouse.set_text("Temp %0.1F" % dps310.temperature, temp_label)
    funhouse.set_text("Pres %d" % dps310.pressure, pres_label)

    print(aht20.temperature, aht20.relative_humidity)
    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.captouch6, onoff_label, 0x00FF00)
    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.captouch7, capleft_label, 0x00FF00)
    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.captouch8, capright_label, 0x00FF00)

    slider = funhouse.peripherals.slider
    if slider is not None:
        funhouse.peripherals.dotstars.brightness = slider
        funhouse.set_text("Slider: %1.1f" % slider, slider_label)
    set_label_color(slider is not None, slider_label, 0xFFFF00)

    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.button_up, up_label, 0xFF0000)
    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.button_sel, sel_label, 0xFFFF00)
    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.button_down, down_label, 0x00FF00)

    set_label_color(funhouse.peripherals.pir_sensor, pir_label, 0xFF0000)
    set_label_color(sensors[0].value, jst1_label, 0xFFFFFF)
    set_label_color(sensors[1].value, jst2_label, 0xFFFFFF)
    set_label_color(sensors[2].value, jst3_label, 0xFFFFFF)


API documentation for this library can be found on Read the Docs.

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