cyw43 – A class that represents a GPIO pin attached to the wifi chip.

Available on these boards
  • Cytron EDU PICO W
  • Pajenicko PicoPad
  • Pimoroni Badger 2040 W
  • Pimoroni Inky Frame 5.7
  • Pimoroni Inky Frame 7.3
  • Pimoroni Pico DV Base W
  • Pimoroni Plasma 2040W
  • Raspberry Pi Pico W

class cyw43.CywPin

Cannot be constructed at runtime, but may be the type of a pin object in board. A CywPin can be used as a DigitalInOut, but not with other peripherals such as PWMOut.

cyw43.PM_STANDARD: int

The standard power management mode

cyw43.PM_AGGRESSIVE: int

Aggressive power management mode for optimal power usage at the cost of performance


Performance power management mode where more power is used to increase performance

cyw43.PM_DISABLED: int

Disable power management and always use highest power mode. CircuitPython sets this value at reset time, because it provides the best connectivity reliability.

cyw43.set_power_management(value: int) None

Set the power management register

For transmitter power, see wifi.Radio.txpower. This controls software power saving features inside the cyw43 chip. it does not control transmitter power.

The value is interpreted as a 24-bit hexadecimal number of the form 0x00adbrrm.

The low 4 bits, m, are the power management mode:
  • 0: disabled

  • 1: aggressive power saving which reduces wifi throughput

  • 2: Power saving with high throughput

The next 8 bits, r, specify “the maximum time to wait before going back to sleep” for power management mode 2. The units of r are 10ms.

The next 4 bits, b, are the “wake period is measured in beacon periods”.

The next 4 bits, d, specify the “wake interval measured in DTIMs. If this is set to 0, the wake interval is measured in beacon periods”.

The top 4 bits, a, specifies the “wake interval sent to the access point”

Several PM_ constants gathered from various sources are included in this module. According to Raspberry Pi documentation, the value 0xa11140 (called cyw43.PM_DISABLED here) increases responsiveness at the cost of higher power usage.

cyw43.get_power_management() int

Retrieve the power management register