samd – SAMD implementation settings

Available on these boards
  • Adafruit EdgeBadge
  • Adafruit Feather M4 CAN
  • Adafruit Feather M4 Express
  • Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express
  • Adafruit Hallowing M4 Express
  • Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express
  • Adafruit Matrix Portal M4
  • Adafruit Metro M4 Airlift Lite
  • Adafruit Metro M4 Express
  • Adafruit Monster M4SK
  • Adafruit PyGamer
  • Adafruit PyPortal
  • Adafruit PyPortal Pynt
  • Adafruit PyPortal Titano
  • Adafruit Pybadge
  • Adafruit Trellis M4 Express
  • AloriumTech Evo M51
  • CP32-M4
  • Capable Robot Programmable USB Hub
  • CircuitBrains Deluxe
  • LoC BeR M4 base board
  • Mini SAM M4
  • P1AM-200
  • PewPew LCD
  • PyCubedv04
  • PyCubedv04-MRAM
  • PyCubedv05
  • PyCubedv05-MRAM
  • Robo HAT MM1 M4
  • SAM32v26
  • Seeeduino Wio Terminal
  • Silicognition LLC M4-Shim
  • SparkFun MicroMod SAMD51 Processor
  • SparkFun Thing Plus - SAMD51
  • Sprite_v2b
  • TG-Boards' Datalore IP M4
  • The Open Book Feather
  • UARTLogger II
  • Winterbloom Sol

class samd.Clock

Identifies a clock on the microcontroller.

They are fixed by the hardware so they cannot be constructed on demand. Instead, use samd.clock to reference the desired clock.

enabled: bool

Is the clock enabled? (read-only)

parent: Clock | None

Clock parent. (read-only)

frequency: int

Clock frequency in Herz. (read-only)

calibration: int

Clock calibration. Not all clocks can be calibrated.