alarm.time – Trigger an alarm when the specified time is reached.

class alarm.time.TimeAlarm(monotonic_time: Optional[float] = None, epoch_time: Optional[int] = None)

Create an alarm that will be triggered when time.monotonic() would equal monotonic_time, or when time.time() would equal epoch_time. Only one of the two arguments can be given. The alarm is not active until it is passed to an alarm-enabling function, such as alarm.light_sleep_until_alarms() or alarm.exit_and_deep_sleep_until_alarms().

If the given time is in the past when sleep occurs, the alarm will be triggered immediately.

monotonic_time :float

When this time is reached, the alarm will trigger, based on the time.monotonic() clock. The time may be given as epoch_time in the constructor, but it is returned by this property only as a time.monotonic() time.