alarm.time – Trigger an alarm when the specified time is reached.

class alarm.time.TimeAlarm(*, monotonic_time: float | None = None, epoch_time: int | None = None)

Create an alarm that will be triggered when time.monotonic() would equal monotonic_time, or when time.time() would equal epoch_time. Only one of the two arguments can be given. The alarm is not active until it is passed to an alarm-enabling sleep function, such as alarm.light_sleep_until_alarms() or alarm.exit_and_deep_sleep_until_alarms().

If the given time is already in the past, then an exception is raised. If the sleep happens after the given time, then it will wake immediately due to this time alarm.

monotonic_time: float

When this time is reached, the alarm will trigger, based on the time.monotonic() clock. The time may be given as epoch_time in the constructor, but it is returned by this property only as a time.monotonic() time.