Adafruit Sponsored Libraries and Drivers on GitHub

These are libraries and drivers available in separate GitHub repos. They are designed for use with CircuitPython and may or may not work with MicroPython.


These libraries provide critical functionality to many of the drivers below. It is recommended to always have them installed onto the CircuitPython file system in the lib/ directory. Some drivers may not work without them.

Board-specific Helpers

These libraries tie lower-level libraries together to provide an easy, out-of-box experience for specific boards.

Helper Libraries

These libraries build on top of the low level APIs to simplify common tasks.

LED Helpers

Helpers for animating LEDs.

User Interface and GFX Helpers

Helpers for building graphical interfaces using the displayio core module and framebuf code module (framebuf is deprecated).

Motor Helpers

Helpers for driving motors, servos, and steppers.

Internet of Things Web Service Helpers

Helpers for connecting with hosted and self-hosted internet-of-things web services.

Internet/Internet-of-Things Helpers

Helpers for interfacing with the internet, including IoT protocols.

Bluetooth Low Energy Helpers

Helpers for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

LoRa Wireless Helpers

Helpers for wireless communication via LoRa.

Cryptography Helpers

Helpers for secure communication.

CPython-module Helpers

Pure-Python implementations of standard CPython libraries. Some of these modules may have a CircuitPython Core API implementation too.

Audio Helpers

Music, noisemakers, and more.

Miscellaneous Helpers


Multi-color LED drivers.


Drivers used to display information. Either pixel or segment based.

Pixel based displays are implemented in two different ways. The original method called “framebuf” uses a traditional frame buffer model where all pixels are stored in the microcontroller’s ram. The newer method called “displayio” generates the pixels on the fly and relies on the display’s ram to store the final pixels. “displayio” drivers will also work with CircuitPython to display error messages and other output to the display when the user code is not using it.

The “displayio” drivers are recommended.



E-Paper / E-Ink


Real-time clocks

Chips that keep current calendar time with a backup battery. The current date and time is available through datetime.

Motion Sensors

Motion relating sensing including acceleration, magnetic, gyro, and orientation.

Environmental Sensors

Sense attributes of the environment including temperature, relative_humidity, pressure, equivalent carbon dioxide (eco2 / eCO2), and total volatile organic compounds (tvoc / TVOC).

Light Sensors

These sensors detect light related attributes such as color, light (unit-less), and lux (light in SI lux).

Distance Sensors

These sensors measure the distance to another object and may also measure light level (light and lux).


These chips communicate to others over radio.

IO Expansion

These provide functionality similar to analogio, digitalio, pulseio, and touchio.